Summary and Future Plans

It’s been almost a year since I started my Steam games analysis so here’s a little summary.


Investigate how well post-release success of Steam games can be predicted from basic information about games (available before release). My first intention was to use reviews, YouTube view numbers, social networks activity etc. These are, however, hard or even impossible to obtain from the past. Hence, I decided to completely omit this sort of data and focus solely on the idea of how much a game itself is important.

I used to think that it was media coverage, YouTube and Twitch view numbers etc. that drive sales. But maybe we shouldn’t ask how much coverage a game got in order to understand its sale figures. Perhaps the right question is why it got this amount of coverage. This is not random – we don’t usually hear about games that don’t have anything interesting to offer but rather games that do something right, bring something new to the table, were developed by experienced devs etc.

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